Thursday, April 26, 2007

hooray for the weekend!!!!

just arrived home & it's been crazy to say the least but here I am!!! the week after next I'm scheduled to be away for 3 out of the 5 work days. I'm really getting too old for all this.
both mine & joe's PC's are acting up so he's hooked up his printer to my PC so I'm unable to scan until he shows me how...just confusing enough to throw me off!!! but I started a new pair of sox & I'm about 1/4 thru the blue sky alpaca shawl pattern...or is it a scarf??? who knows. it's a very easy pattern but it is a bit boring. hopefully I'll have pics to show soon!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Camo Sox & other stuff

my poor joe still has such swollen feet & the blue stretchy sox I knitted were "all stretched out" said he. now why on earth would he wear them out, & especially to the drs. office??? they were for lounging around the house!! so I started another pair of stretchy regia but w/less stitches. I just finished both heels & will knit round & round till the cuff is done. hopefully I can finish them before I leave tomorrow.
this week will be very busy. I stay in a motel during the week because I still haven't been able to find a place to live up north yet...just too darn busy traveling w/the job!!! this week I'll be upstate in ANOTHER hotel while we install a new phone system....hopefully, joe will call a few of the apts we circled in the newspaper because thie is my last week in the motel unless I pay for another month & it is exorbitant!!!! I'm thankful for the new job but wish the excitement would end long enough for me to catch my breath.

today I got to meet my dear friend Maggie's "mommy"...yes I said mommy. Maggie hates it when I call her mother that. must be why I continue to do it!!! anyway, she was a doll & I'm so glad I finally had the pleasure of meeting her.

also got to see kim...she popped into the shop today....sorry I was so busy, sweetie!!!! but it was great seeing you & let's plan for a knitting day at Border's or somewhere 1 of these sundays, ok??!!!

then Wabbit breezed in along w/her honeypie Dan & the 2 furbabies, Cole & his son Chance...they were looking all handsome having just been groomed & coming from attending a golden retriever social...the pups looked handsome, not wabbit & dan, altho they looked good too.

ok then, that's about it...I'm still hunting for the darn camera because I have lots of pics I want to take...but it'll just have to wait I I ever do what I'm supposed to WHEN I'm supposed to??? no. & no reason to start now. I hope you like the pics of the sox!!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007


well ok allowed me to post my pics...whoo hah....I wrote about these sox in my last post in case you were wondering. that's all for now, altho I did cast on for another pair of sox in the regia stretch but on 48 stitches....because of the stretch, they do come out kinda's a real nice green brown that comes out looking kinding camo!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Regia Sox

here are joe's blue regia stretch (almost done) & my regia silk (all done).....the regia silk is so soft...I can't wait to start my lil brown & white shorties (thanks kim!!)
well, for some reason the image is not opening so the pics will have to wait...I'll try again later.