Wednesday, January 18, 2006

wednesday & isn't it beautiful!!!!

what a wonderful day today is!!!! still very cool & clear & I just love this weather!!!!! here in arizona it's really unbearable about 5 months out of the year, but the rest of the time it's like heaven on earth!!!
I'm working on a plain sock; blue ribbing w/a regia stripe leg. I'm on double points where I usually work on 2 circs but I just felt like it. what can I say??!!! I do funny things sometime!!! my buddy sandie is an expert on the magic loop so maybe I'll transfer my stitches to my long addi & see how that goes.
my other project is the Lion Brand pattern called Nature in Natural Afghan & I'm using some more baby alpaca, in a chunky weight. it's all in 1 piece but has separate scenes & it was really going great until.
yep, I redid 1 row about 6 times & stupid me, I shoulda checked online for errata but I didn't until my friend mentioned it. sure enough there it was. but it still didn't seem right & the numbers looked off so I'm improvising for now. I'll see how it goes & then I'll post a pic!
well, that's all for now!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

another pic perhaps???

I just had to show off these sox that my girl sandie (sandie again, you say??? I do say!!!) made for me...they are Lorna's Laces & are warm & toasty & comfy & I wore them today & they kept my feet wonderful warm even tho it was in the 30's this morning!!! the leg has a lovely lace pattern too!!! ok, without further adeiu (did I spell that right??!!!)

Monday, January 16, 2006

new pics

Look what I added!!! 1st, I just wanna say that the Faina's scarf is DONE!!!!! it's all blocked & it really came out so nice, if I do say so myself!!!!

and I just had to show what my bud in PA, Sandie, made for me....I've been meaning to take a pic & post for the longest time so I hope she'll forgive my tardiness, but here it is, a gorgeous crocheted butterfly!!!!!! I have it hanging on my wall but I couldn't get the pic to come out right because of a huge shadow from the hutch so I laid it on the bed to snap the photo. isn't it beautiful???!!!!! Sandie, thank you again, it's gorgeous!!!! I really love crocheted things like this, doilies & such...and I can't do it myself so.....anyway, thanks again, you're awesome!!!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Windows XP

my sweetie got me a new computer today, complete w/Windows XP & I've been futzing around w/it. thing is, I don't have alot of the programs & things I had w/my other computer...and my old drive is installed in this 1 also so you would think I could access even the basic stuff, like word & powerpoint...but NO!!!!

so I don't have much of a blog at the moment. but I wanted to pop in just the same to keep you all outta trouble!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I forgot to add.......

just wanted to add something else here about Kim. While we were at our knitting outing, she bought a copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitting Without Tears" for Dale, our 1 & only beginner, male knitter. she does this alot because she says that no knitter should ever be without a copy of that book. and she's right too.
I also just wanted to say that I have some really wonderful friends. and every time they do something wonderful (which is quite often!) I'm going to post it right here (unless my senile mind decides something else!!!! LOL!!!) but I will TRY, I really will!!!!!
I spent the day w/Maggs, 1 of the 1st people I met after I moved here. she treats me like dirt which is how I know that she really loves me. don't even try to deny it, maggie.
we sat on her floor & she very carefully & gently molded my Faina's Scarf, made from baby alpaca, so warm, soft & beautiful, into the shape it was meant to be. it shall sit in the middle of her floor, gently being sprayed w/water everytime it looks thirsty & then she will present it to me in all it's glory.

Xmas Ollie Bag

This is the Ollie Bag that my buddy Kim (Pippi) had for me tonite when our knitting group met at the yarn store. As you can see, the bag was as big as the chair & it was LOADED with all kinds of yummy yarns. There was cashmere, Opal sock yarn, Imagine, which is a cotton/rayon in all kinds of colors, Regia sock yarn, Cotton Patine & many others! it was just jam packed!!!!! she also made the most beautiful stitch markers & I hope the pic shows how awesome everything was. I'm still getting the hang of taking pics so please forgive me if they aren't as clear as they should be. Kim, I adore you.....thank you so much for my goodie bags!!!!!!

scarf screw up


I attempted to send my scarf to my partner & unbeknownst (doncha just love that word???!!!!) to me, the usps charged the wrong pg, claimed I never paid (this is all done online mind you) & threatened to haul me off to jail for cheating the united states government. ok, I exaggerate, but was pretty scary!!!! so I paid for my other pg AGAIN & it printed me a lovely lil label to stick on my box & it will be on it's way tomorrow. it is still the scroll pattern scarf & it's still pretty lovely, if I do say so myself, & I do.

my adorable friend maggie & I will get together tomorrow & she will help me block my Faina's Scarf & then I should have a pretty picture to post. it was done in a baby alpaca & I am really impressed w/it. I have a tendency to start many things, make a mistake & then rip out the whole bloody project. but this was done w/out a hitch. anyway, maggie does a great job of blocking & is always ready to help & has blocked many of our friends finished projects. she has the blocking wires & does a fantastic job. get a good night's sleep maggs cause I'll be there early.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

hows about another pic?????

don't even ask why I am doing a separate blog for each pic....I guess I think I'll be taking up less room or bytes or something???!!! it doesn't matter so let's just concentrate on the pics & not try to figure me out. others have tried & they are now locked up in a loony bin somewhere.
here is a scarf that I made for the scarf swap & just sent out today...only because I wanted a pic of it, so swap partner please forgive me for being late. it came out really nice, if I do say so myself, & was made with a very nice purple merino wool. I must have started about 10 different scarves before I finally decided that this would be the one. I even blocked it, which took a day or 2 to dry, beleive it or not. how cool am I, eh?? ok, enuff about me, here's the pic of what I call the Scroll Scarf, as I made it up myself using the scroll pattern from 1 of the barbara walker books.

Saturday, January 7, 2006

wow, I've been a busy bee lately. I have 3 pics to post, finally, now that I have camera hook-up to my PC. it only took forever, I know, but hey, better late than never. hopefully I'll be able to show the 3 pics. if not, I'll just have to figure out some other way.
my 1st pic is a lovely round dishcloth I knit. it's from Butterfly cotton in very rich brown/golds, variagated. it was quick & easy & make wonderful gifts. hopefully I'll be making more in the future.