Monday, March 16, 2009


the purpley's are cherry tree hill all in ribbing

the multicolors are also cherry tree hill in the Cookie A. Monkey pattern.

the big off white thing is a xmas stocking I did from the Cookie A. Twisted Flower pattern

except I scanned them all, 3 pages in 1 it's too big to be uploaded...any way to copy just 1 pic at a time from a pdf I already made???????

wabbit??? I know you know how to do this!!!!

abuse me??!!!

sandie & wabbit...this ones for you girls.....

I know what a usb is but where is the cable??? it's not a regular sized one, it's a teeny tiny itsy bitsy one...goodness, I am in the computer field after all.....ha ha ha!!!! that's a good one!!!!!!
anyway, I have been looking thru all kindsa boxes & it is just not here.....I can scan small things but not anything bigger than the scanner...EW!!! let me go scan the sox I just finished!!!!
then maybe you'll see 2 posts in 1 DAY instead of one month!!!!! whoo hoo!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am probably the last hold out but tonite I cast on for the cookie a. monkey sox & they really are fun & easy...altho I am doing toe up & completely forgot there is no pattern on the bottom of the foot because that is where you it rip it...just to the end of my increases.....the sock is really big tho...I'm doing 64 st on size 1 addi's & wow....I'm used to the 0's but hey, maybe the yarn will shrink a bit...I'm using a pretty colorway of cherry tree hill.
I finished by twisted flower xmas stocking so yeah, I was able to find another ball of the encore...deb at the good yarn found it for me...she is such a sweetie pie. there again, forgetting that nobody needs a pattern on the bottom of the foot but when I realized it I was already down to the toe so this xmas stocking has it all over the's ok since it'll only be hanging...

and yes kim, I still need to figure out this camera...joe must have hidden some intricate piece somewhere & for the life of me I can't find it.....even tho there is hardly anything left in my house!!! oh well, things happen for a reason I guess!!!!

sandie, I am very proud of you for your spinning!!! kim here, is a whiz at spinning so you 2 should hook up!!!! LOL!!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

what I've been up to

let's see...I took off from work on wednesday & went up to Flagstaff for the free King Arthur flour baking was really nice....we got free flour, yeast, gift cards & dough scrapers...also stopped at the new Purl in the Pines yarn shop which was just lovely. she had all kinds of new & interesting stuff.
since then I've been trying to find another stinkin hank of encore to finish my cookie a. xmas stocking...maggs, my pal who moved away to san diego (the big ol poop!) sent me some that she had but it was too light...thanks for tryin, maggs, you are still ok by me, don't care WHAT everybody says about you.
still no camera so still no pics & that really stinks. I need some teeny tiny usb thingee to download once I take pics & I have no idea where joe put it....he must've had one...or at least 1 of those lil card thingees that you stick in the clue...well at least I know what my stuff looks like. too bad for the rest of you!!!! hee hee!!!! ok, just kiddin...I feel for ya, honest I do.....
I joined 3 swaps on ravelry & actually mailed my pgs out today...ahead of time....& I'm the coordinator on 1 of them, can you believe it?? me??? I have a feeling I left something out of 1 of the pgs that embarrassing or what...& not a little something but a BIG something....if any of my swappers are reading this, please forgive alzheimers is really kickin my butt these days...
was sick over the weekend but I can't even talk about that anymore w/out thinkin about it & dry heaving so go in peace & try not to worry about me....I'll live....

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

too lazy, too busy....

stop naggin me, you people!!!!!!!!

what a way to open a post, eh?? sorry....forgive me.....just haven't had the gumption to write/type/think/be my charming witty self on busy at work...winter know how it is....& what about the camera???????????????????? ok, well I'm bringin it to work tomorrow to see if an ex photographer can take a look & let me know how to take a pic.....ok??? ya'all happy now???
and not fer nuthin but some of you don't even have yer own blogs so you shouldn't be naggin me now should ya?? don't be haters!!!!! (I love that line, always cracks me up!!!!)

my friend kathy was nice enough to take the fiber trends southwest shawl I made out of lite blue ambrosia, home to block it for me......wait till you see's gorgeous, no really!!!! it's still in on the guest bed until I can snap a photo.

maddie, my newest family member, the golden mix is just the most precious lil sweetie smart, so well behaved, so housebroken...all good things! she chases kitty kitty but kitty kitty hisses & chases her right back...hedda & lolly here I tell you. I am much blessed w/my babies.

yesterday while just hangin out & goofin off I knit a hat....just round & round k1 p1...some pretty hand dyed wool in brownsy autumn colors....I maybe should wear it 1 of these days...coulda worn it this morning when it was 19 degrees & I was scraping the ice off the car...damn, I love northern arizona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but you see I recently got a haircut & didn't wanna mess up my doo....that's just how it goes.

tomorrow night is knit night at the shop.....missed it for the past 3 weeks w/the holidays & all....should be lotsa fun....deb, the owner, is such a sweetie pie...which reminds me!!!! I better tell her to order a bunch of those cookie a. sock books that will be out in april!!!!! remind me somebody!!!!!

ok, that's enough. I wanna knit on my sox for a bit....I have been depriving them of me for way too long...maybe I'll write again tomorrow...we''ll be good & go to bed.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

back again!!!!

hi guys, yes I'm here!!!! alive &, this heat is a killer....gonna be in the 90's today...they say back to the 70's by thursday tho...can't wait!!!!

Eve, thanks for the Jaywalker tip...I've heard nuthin but good things about those sox so I shall give them a try!!!

wabbit, I'm really so glad the sox fit you!!!!

sandie, hopefully I'll get my camera to work (wish me luck) & finally post a pic or 2!!!!!

maggie, I hope you settle in nicely in san diego...I know you've missed being there.

kim, are you surprised to see me !!!!!?????

Sunday, March 09, 2008

austerman step sox

yep, a pic of the sox just finished....can't believe it myself...used the scanner!
anyway, pattern is toe up on 2 size 0 addi's, w/a traditional heel...very nice & they fit me like a glove!! lol!!!
that's why you see the yarn woven in....pattern is by Shibui called Toe Up Sock & you stop 3" before the toe to do the heel...really easy tho it was designed for dpns so I had to use my I'll write down everything I did, measure the sock itself, & from now on I have the perfect sock pattern...for me!

thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

just busy

don't write much these days...just too busy...along w/pc problems so what else is new. but I am knitting...the cabin fever evening in eden easy & just lovely!