Tuesday, May 20, 2008

back again!!!!

hi guys, yes I'm here!!!! alive & well......man, this heat is a killer....gonna be in the 90's today...they say back to the 70's by thursday tho...can't wait!!!!

Eve, thanks for the Jaywalker tip...I've heard nuthin but good things about those sox so I shall give them a try!!!

wabbit, I'm really so glad the sox fit you!!!!

sandie, hopefully I'll get my camera to work (wish me luck) & finally post a pic or 2!!!!!

maggie, I hope you settle in nicely in san diego...I know you've missed being there.

kim, are you surprised to see me !!!!!?????

Sunday, March 09, 2008

austerman step sox

yep, a pic of the sox just finished....can't believe it myself...used the scanner!
anyway, pattern is toe up on 2 size 0 addi's, w/a traditional heel...very nice & they fit me like a glove!! lol!!!
that's why you see the yarn woven in....pattern is by Shibui called Toe Up Sock & you stop 3" before the toe to do the heel...really easy tho it was designed for dpns so I had to use my brain...now I'll write down everything I did, measure the sock itself, & from now on I have the perfect sock pattern...for me!

thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

just busy

don't write much these days...just too busy...along w/pc problems so what else is new. but I am knitting...the cabin fever evening in eden shawl...so easy & just lovely!