Saturday, June 30, 2007

thank you secret pal!!!!!

my final pg of the secret pal 10 came & it was from Kele
and is that the coolest name or what??!!!! I think I might rename myself greedy pagan or something like that...I love it!!!!!
anyway, she said me a luscious smelling vanilla candle, a fabulous fiber trends shawl pattern, some gorgeous chocolaty alpaca, some mohair blend that matches the chocolate alpaca to a T, a great fan that not only keeps me cool but also has a secret message that lights up when it's on...incredible!!!...& some delicious chocolates & candies!!!!!!! thank you so much for spoiling me rotten...I really enjoyed everything so much!!!!!!!
(sorry I have no combo is down at the moment!)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

almost july!!!!

wow, I've been so busy...haven't had the time to post...or I've had the time but no PC....I can't win!!!!! oh well, it could be worse I guess.
I'm really hoping to have pix of my alpaca shawl taken this weekend...and the sox I'm almost done with....the sweater is way far from being done as are the slippers so no pix for either of those.
tomorrow I'm going out of town again for my job...just overnite but still. it really slows me down!
I hope all is well w/all you's been waaaay too long!

Sunday, June 03, 2007


had a real bad episode w/joe last night....couldn't catch his breath...eyes rolling in the back of his head. he's just fine now. was just out smoking. something really nice to be said for the single, I live alone life......