Sunday, December 31, 2006

happy new year

let's just hope 2007 is better than 2006 was. it's ODD, so it should be. and you know how I love my ODD numbers!!!!!

I finished my Clapotis...but it's not blocked yet. started another pair of sox too. just about to finish up the heel. also started another throw which I will trade w/wabbit for a spinning wheel. guess who's getting the better end of THAT deal, eh??? ha ha ha!!!!! of course I told her that would include a lesson. does my greediness ever end???? I think not.

my son & his GF will be coming over tomorrow to welcome the new year & to also celebrate her birthday. should be a very pleasant day. I'm having a crown pork roast along w/other assorted goodies. today I'm working on taking down all the xmas decorations. it went by so fast, as usual, didn't it????

we also got a new now we have tabitha & kitty kitty (the only name she answers to) & they have been doing the usual hissing at each other but no problems other than that. giving lots of love & playtime to tabitha so as not to hurt her lil feelings.

hopefully I'll have some pics soon as possible. in the meantime, I wish you all a very happy, safe & healthy new year!!!!! ollie

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Webster, my ol he cute or what???!!!!

this is Webster. He's my buddy. He's a black cocker spaniel & man, is he smart. He belongs to Maggie. She sings "what'll I do, when you, are far away" etc & he sings along. well. she THINKS he sings along. he hates it but he does it just to make her happy. I wish she'd stop. so does he. but this is Webster. He's my buddy. He has many important jobs to do. Hi Webster. It's me, Ollie, wavin atcha. I hope you get lots of goodies for Christmas & I hope your mom doesn't make you sing. Bye Bye.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

oh brother

this is what my dear friend, woman of the world that she is, wrote on my blog:

maggie said: ok kim, that's a really NOT cleaver way to try to get a blanket, esp. THAT blanket!!!!!!! I'll be watching to see how this one plays out!!!!! Oh yes I will!!! M

and one more thing, what the hell is a sp9????

maggie dear, you really do need to get out more. SP9 is a secret swap where 1 person spoils another w/goodies for a few months. in secret. you don't know who your pal is until the end. it's fun!!!! maybe we can talk YOU into signing up for the next one, yes?????
MY SP9 writes to me, in secret, & I can even write back but it's all anonymous. you'd love it!!!!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

fingerless mitts

very busy right now. not much time to blog. I wait all year for Christmas, the most wonderful time in the whole world!!!!!!!! it takes forever to get here & then whizzes by in a flash. & all the ideas I had LAST christmas are now forgotten. write them down, WON'T remember, even if you think there's no way you'll forget!!!!
here are some fingerless mitts I made in 2 evenings w/some Interlacement Toasty Toes I had left over from the sox I made a while back. the pic does no justice at all to the gorgeous colorway. maybe it's the white background?? who knows.

gotta go, lots to do.

just in case I don't get back here until after the holiday, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a safe & happy for whatever holiday you celebrate!!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

facecloth frenzy

no pics to post. everytime I'm ready to snap a pic, it's blocking on the board, which has the red & white checkered background which just messes up the look. when I'm all done, if I haven't already given them away, I'll take a group photo....maybe.
also on the needles is the Shedir cap from Knitty, my triangular shawl, still...& a Clapotis.....geez, do I get bored easy or what......
till we meet again.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Trees??????????????????

this picture came out AWFUL!!!!!!!!!! I have the sweetest 3 lil trees & they look precious but in THIS pic my big boy in the middle looks like he's floating in the air! and they sit in the corner but since my walls are 2 different colors it looks....well.....odd!!!! but still, they are up & decorated & loved so what the hey, eh???!!!!

sock pic...maybe...I hope....finally?

Friday, December 01, 2006

one sock done

I put the sock in the scanner to take the pic...because I'm not speaking to joe at the moment. it came out ok, even tho it's a bit cramped in there. the scanner, that is...not the sock. I really have no desire to cast on for a 2nd sock at the moment so instead I cast on for..........Clapotis....yes, that's right. I wasn't thrilled by it. It looked almost exactly like the magic shawl where you knit in stockinette until you feel like puking & then drop the stitches (yes, that IS the best part) only I did mine in Berroco Suede & it kept sticking to my fingers & I kept having to stop, emery board my hands, & pile on lotion. then I made it too darn short because I just couldn't stand knitting it anymore. anyway, this is a bit different. it's diagonal. its got "knit in the back loops" which I like alot. And this time I'm using Mountain Colors in a dark black/purply really soft yarn on size 5 addi's so yes, I'm enjoying it a bit more. I have to admit. I saw Gracie from the yarn shop in 1 that she just made out of SWTC bamboo or soy or something & it was really stunning. I like to copy things I see, didja notice???
and thank you to Colette (the knit witch) for directing me to a wonderful penguin pattern to knit for my son's GF!!!