Thursday, September 20, 2007

Breeze from

check out these adorable lil sox made from egyptian cotton.....they are very fast & easy & i'm almost finished...yeah for me!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

finished lotsa things!!

I finally finished (not blocked yet tho) my orangy merino shawl from knit1crochet2 Triangular Shawl was so easy & really came out nice...I enjoyed knitting it (even if it DID take me like almost 2 freakin years but that was my own fault!!)

also finished the orangy Heartstrings Concertina sock pattern for the shop...made 2 sox yep 2, & can you tell I just love my orange??? must make me happy or something...who knows...but the yarn was that squishy swooshy Dream in Color stuff..really nice....what else??? can't remember if I finished something else or would be real handy at a time like this, right? oh well. such is life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

so many things

it's really been crazy for me lately...& I've been chastised for not blogging...which I certainly deserve....still, it makes me feel bad.....


I finished a pretty peachy pair of sox, top down, from Heartstrings called the Concertina(?) pattern?! they are for a friend so she better come by the shop soon so she can see them at least!
started the red sweater dress from the recent Interweave & the directions started off very mootebootly at least for my mind.....a really weird way of saying to do the moss stitch & after just the 1st row I ended up ripping it out....very frustrating. but someone will come along & say "look, this is what you need to do" & I'll be smacking myself wondering why I couldn't figure it out.