Wednesday, October 24, 2007

still going strong

well, I'm still alive & kickin.....pretty much anyway!!!!! working on a Heartstrings pattern called the Hanging Vine Stole...just lovely & very easy...a lovely green alpaca/wool/mohair & you can make any size from a scarf to an afghan....I'm doing the shawl size & after it's blocked it should be just gorgeous, if I do say so myself!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

SP11 package

it's times like this that I really feel bad about not having a pal sent me a package & inside was size 0 32" knit picks circular needles...they really feel nice & I can't wait to try them out...
a whole collection of pampering feet stuff, just in time for winter weather, keep away those cracks for sure...
a medicated lip balm, truly a necessity cause I go thru blistek like crazy so I can't wait to try this....
& the most gorgeous shade of pink alpaca silk yarn...truly scrumptious!!!!!!
I'm hoping I didn't forget anything...but my goodies are at home & I am at work cause I don't even have the use of a pc at home anymore, at the moment anyway!!!!
thank you again, my are the best!!!!

in other news I finished another birch (cept for blocking!) in a merino/silk brick red really came out nice.....
still working on joe's sox...& another lace shawl that will take me forever because the yarn is so fine....
and it's already the middle of october???? how on earth did that happen????

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


gotta go to the dentist again today...for a filling that will most likely turn into a pulling, which is quite likely for me.....last week I had an abcessed root...a root that should not have even been there since it was canaled & stuff years ago. did I mention I deplore the medical field???!!! ok, enuff whining.....
I started another Birch in a brickish red merino/silk....I gotta find me a new lace project...I'm getting tired of the Birch...but it took me this many years to actually get it right, I figured I owed it at least 2, right??
my sweet kitty kitty is w/me at the apt....she is the nicest lil thing...she is still snooping around, chatting up a storm & getting used to the place. that's all for now!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rowan Birch is done

story behind the Birch...been trying to get past the 1st row for several yrs now...had a block in my brain or own stupidity....anyway, I had some real pretty yarn a friend gave me & at about 70 stitches or so I ran're supposed to decrease down to 3 stitches. too lazy. so instead of a point in the back it has a mesa or plateau or whatever you wanna call it...but it's still pretty...needs a blocking badly too. that's about it for me as far as knitting (or should I say finishing!)