Sunday, June 18, 2006

awesome blog!!!!

just so ya all know, my sweet bud Sandie doctored up my blog; added links & buttons & oh my, she did such a terrific job.......thank you so much, Sandie!!!!! it's nice to know I got a PC literate friend to bale me out when I need're the best!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

nuther charity cap

I just loved these colors!!!!
no pattern tho, just my own design. the cap started off w/berocco hip hop which is a real pretty thick & thin wool, followed by lopi, an icelandic wool. I usually cast on any multiple of 7, do a ribbing w/a knit 1 or 2 in the back of the stitch then a purl 1 or 2, depending if I end up w/an odd number "accidentally" (how did THAT happen???) & go for about 3" then just plain knit till I get sick & tired. then I knit 10 knit 2 tog all the way around. then a plain knit row in between. then knit 9 knit 2 together then a plain knit & do this same thing all the way down to knit 1 knit 2 tog, plain knit, then knit 2 together until I'm left w/7 stitches. then just run the yarn thru the 7, pull tight, tie off & waa laa!!!!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Wola the Sheep...all felted

wow, is she a chubby lil gal!!!! I think I overstuffed her just a tad. but she's all done & looking very pretty. all she needs is a nice collar w/a bell around her neck!!!

lil sheep

Here is the sheep I knitted (before felting) from the Fiber Trends pattern. It will go to my dear friend Maggie, collector of all that is sheepy. Here name Is Wola.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

pomatamus sox

it was brought to my attention that some people are looking for those be completed too...well you have a long wait. they were hard. & they took forever. as pretty as they are, I won't be completing them anytime soon. now you know. but thanks for asking.

and thanks to all you nice people who commented on the hats!!!! I knit for CIC (children in common) & afghans for afghans, among others, but these 2 take wool items & you all know how much I love knitting w/wool!!!! so I can be whipping out hats & hats & hats, at least until I start some holiday knitting.