Monday, March 16, 2009


the purpley's are cherry tree hill all in ribbing

the multicolors are also cherry tree hill in the Cookie A. Monkey pattern.

the big off white thing is a xmas stocking I did from the Cookie A. Twisted Flower pattern

except I scanned them all, 3 pages in 1 it's too big to be uploaded...any way to copy just 1 pic at a time from a pdf I already made???????

wabbit??? I know you know how to do this!!!!

abuse me??!!!

sandie & wabbit...this ones for you girls.....

I know what a usb is but where is the cable??? it's not a regular sized one, it's a teeny tiny itsy bitsy one...goodness, I am in the computer field after all.....ha ha ha!!!! that's a good one!!!!!!
anyway, I have been looking thru all kindsa boxes & it is just not here.....I can scan small things but not anything bigger than the scanner...EW!!! let me go scan the sox I just finished!!!!
then maybe you'll see 2 posts in 1 DAY instead of one month!!!!! whoo hoo!!!!