Thursday, March 30, 2006

socks that rock??? friend that rocks!!!!!

this is what sandi sent me just because she loves me. atz right. no other reason. unless you count me being whiney & greedy??!!! naw, it's because she loves me!!!!! and I love her too, bunches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sandi, you are truly awesome & I thank you so very much!!!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

yarns for sale

except for the small bag, these are all on cones. they belong to my neighbor & we have no idea what the yarn content is but we have priced them as if acrylic.
You can pay thru my paypal account or by money order.
thanks for looking.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

baby sox

I finished the baby sox....created a new pattern in the process strictly by accident. if I can figure out what I did & put it into words I'll add it here. in the meantime, here's a pic!

I got a wonderful surprise today but I won't say what it is until I get a pic taken. I am lucky to have such good friends. so very lucky. that's all for now.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I won a goodies!!!!!

The Opalchatters is a yahoo group all about Opal sock yarn & the US distributor is Ptyarns....& one of the owners is Soxie, who is quite generous!!!!! on tuesday she has a newsletter full of interesting tidbits & contests & things & guess who won a prize for her very own Opal sox being in the sock drawer????!!!!! ME, that's who!!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled beyond thrilled & that is why my motto is "whatcha got, gimme!!!!!" hee hee heee!!!! anyway, here is a pic of my gorgeous new Opal called Krokodile!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I am the Stitchmistress...are you the Gatekeeper??

remember that line (or something like it) from Ghostbusters???!!! it always cracked me up!!!!!
well, as the Stitchmistress for the new yahoo group, I did my very 1st stitch & now I must post a pic so everyone can see!!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

KyleAnn's Purse

I wanted to show the front page of the pattern I am doing & say thank you to KyleAnn for such easy, understandable instructions!!!!!! I've tried Entrelac before & just never "got it" but as you can see by my bag, I'm moving along nicely...and it's FUN, it really is!!!!! and beleive me, if I can do it, anybody can. I'm using Lopi because that's all I had but the directions call for Galway which is a lovely wool too!

A big thank you to maggie k for pushing me over that silly brain freeze moment I had when I 1st started it!!!! thanks dear friend!
anyway, here's the pic....& most yarn shops that carry Plymouth yarns should have it!

new project

I'm now working on a short row hat for a baby. it's very easy & made of 8 lil wedges & then sewn (yes, you heard the s word) together along the seam. it's all in garter stitch which I really don't care for but it's too adorable to not knit. I did 4 of the 8 wedges & will take a pic of the work in progress later on today!

Monday, March 13, 2006

pics??? could it be????

latest pics

I've been busy, lil kiddies. here is another mouse that still needs to be felted & stuffed & if you notice he is ear-less....why bother when the lil poop head is just gonna tear em off.
and my very 1st attempt at Entrelac. I was amazed at how easy it turned out to be. I have made the attempt before but maybe the directions were not as clear as I need, small pea brain that I have embedded in my head & all. anyway, here it is, not completed yet but ready to be seen, none the less!!!!!

ok, well the powers at be seem to want to block my attempts at adding pics so I'll wait a bit & try again. sorry about that!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

stinki & storm

little stinki is the cat in the back & little storm is the cat in the front. stinki lives w/a friend back in NY because there were a few dogs that needed homes & we thought it a good idea for stinki to live w/my friend phil & his cat storm. She has been there ever since especially since he recently moved from a small apt to a house!!!!!

next I really & truly need to post a pic of tabitha before she gets her feelings hurt!!!!! she is also a beautiful cat & I feel kinda sorry for her lately because she is really scared of the kitten. and joe bought a new cat-bed w/built in catnip (big mistake) & tabitha took a liking to it & climbed right in. I told him to just let her do what she wants & let them get to know each other at their own pace.

so in the meantime, I just had to knit up a mouse; much smaller this time, & not felted yet but it will be soon. I'll have joe take a pic when I get home. it was made w/a hand dyed wool in purpley/pink/blues & it's real pretty. I don't think I'll even bother w/adding the ears; I just wanna get it felted & give it to the felines to fight over!!!! I'm knitting a spikey ball also but that has that loopy over the thumb technique & I'm still very clutzy at doing it.

my skin has been so dry lately & the only thing that has really helped me is petroleum jelly. I've been rubbing it on everything & sure enough have started getting licked by both cats. I put a blob on my finger & they lap it up. I usually do that once a month as it's a good remedy for hairballs w/out buying all that over the counter/could kill you crap. and they love it so maybe I'll start scooping out spoonfuls & eating it too!!!! like eating jif peanut butter!!!!!! ha ha ha!!!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

our new baby has arrived

we have a new addition to our happy home. mushi mushi. well nothing else seems to roll off my tongue. joe suggested patches & I said hell no. I had a cat named stinki once so mushi seems to fit the bill. poor tabitha, she's such a big baby. she keeps hissing at mushi & mushi keeps marching & darting, paying tabitha no mind whatsoever. in a few days they'll be bestest buddies I'm sure.

Friday, March 03, 2006

lots to show & tell!!!!

wow, I've been busy knitting & finally have the pics to show for it!!! but do I have the shamrock pic???? hell no!!!! of course not!!!! why??? because I am a dingbat, that's why!!!!
1st, here's a pic of the knitted/felted mouse I made out of some leftover Lopi Icelandic....I had made some kids vest for CIC (Children in Common) & I tried to use lots of bright colors so my leftovers are being used for small felted items. I know I had much more of the Lopi at 1 time but it must have been lost in the move out here to arizona. oh well, such is, I made a hat & booties for a doc who's expecting. I got a pic of the hat but not the booties...but I will 1 of these days!
I also finished a pair of sox, cuff down w/a short row heel. the same heel you did, sandi!! yes, I love it too & find it 1 of the easiest....almost as easy as the joyce williams but not quite, as I've done 1 or 2 more of those!!!