Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas!

no idea when I'll be able to post again for awhile so I'll say my holiday greetings now!!!! may you all have a wonderful, safe, healthy & peaceful holiday season & let it continue throughout the new year!!!!!!

I finally got everything moved into the new place but the mail service is a trip & a half...they are returning my mail to the senders & I'm not getting stuff...I mean nothing!!!!!! so if you've sent me something & I haven't responded please forgive me but I have a feeling I haven't gotten it...I spoke to my mail carrier & told her to send anything & everything addressed to the street address through...regardless what name it know me & my many lets hope they straighten up!!!! New York was never like this...the mail went thru no matter what!!!!!
I treated myself to a winter coat because under 30 is cold & I've been real cold at 4 in the morning when I leave for'd think I'd have knitted myself something to wear by now, but no such luck....I had a lovely pair of mittens w/side holes to stick my fingers out to make it easy to smoke (hush wabbit) & they have vanished...maybe I need a length of string attached to run thru my sleeves that attaches to mittens so I don't lose them...anyway...I also have a wimple I made in shades of autumn, very baby alpaca laceweight Faina's Scarf that is toasty warm so at least my neck is happy....nice warm wool washable wool sox would be nice for my feet...maybe I can whip up a pair...oh, actually I do have a pair that I had knitted for joe that he wore constantly....I had made him a nice matching cap too which he also wore all the time....instead of saving them in the closet I think I'll start using'll be like he's warm & toasty alongside of me. I think it's going to be a very strange & lonely Christmas but my son & his girlfriend are coming up on saturday to spend it with me so that will be very nice....I don't get to see my son as much as I'd like to...he's a wonderful cook too, so I better take advantage of that!!


Wabbit said...

You've been stressed Ollie, so I'm being forgiving about the smoking. I know it will be very hard so I'm glad to hear that Gregory and Sharon will be there to spend time with you.

And just think... I have a lovely present for my Ollie! Let's get together when I get home. Merry Christmas!!! Love, Wabbit

Anonymous said...

So glad you had your son and dil there for Xmas holiday. I certainly wish all kinds of good things for you in 2008. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :)