Tuesday, January 06, 2009

too lazy, too busy....

stop naggin me, you people!!!!!!!!

what a way to open a post, eh?? sorry....forgive me.....just haven't had the gumption to write/type/think/be my charming witty self on here....so busy at work...winter humdrums...you know how it is....& what about the camera???????????????????? ok, well I'm bringin it to work tomorrow to see if an ex photographer can take a look & let me know how to take a pic.....ok??? ya'all happy now???
and not fer nuthin but some of you don't even have yer own blogs so you shouldn't be naggin me now should ya?? don't be haters!!!!! (I love that line, always cracks me up!!!!)

my friend kathy was nice enough to take the fiber trends southwest shawl I made out of lite blue ambrosia, home to block it for me......wait till you see it...it's gorgeous, no really!!!! it's still in on the guest bed until I can snap a photo.

maddie, my newest family member, the golden mix is just the most precious lil sweetie ever....so smart, so well behaved, so housebroken...all good things! she chases kitty kitty but kitty kitty hisses & chases her right back...hedda & lolly here I tell you. I am much blessed w/my babies.

yesterday while just hangin out & goofin off I knit a hat....just round & round k1 p1...some pretty hand dyed wool in brownsy autumn colors....I maybe should wear it 1 of these days...coulda worn it this morning when it was 19 degrees & I was scraping the ice off the car...damn, I love northern arizona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but you see I recently got a haircut & didn't wanna mess up my doo....that's just how it goes.

tomorrow night is knit night at the shop.....missed it for the past 3 weeks w/the holidays & all....should be lotsa fun....deb, the owner, is such a sweetie pie...which reminds me!!!! I better tell her to order a bunch of those cookie a. sock books that will be out in april!!!!! remind me somebody!!!!!

ok, that's enough. I wanna knit on my sox for a bit....I have been depriving them of me for way too long...maybe I'll write again tomorrow...we''ll see....now be good & go to bed.


kimiknits said...

quick comment before the podman takes over the laptop.......DARN IT'S GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


honestly, 6 months between posts is just toooooo long!

Sandie Knapp said...

Well lady, IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!
We have waited far too long to hear from you, but I guess we will have to forgive you since it wasn't all your fault. You have been "busy" after all. Not slacking, like the rest of us, eh? hahaha

I can't wait to see the shawl, and the hat! I already know they must be very lovely. I would love to see the new hair-do too...............hahaha

Enjoy your little knit gathering. I'm jealous! Take care. :)

Wabbit said...

Nearly eight months between posts, Ollie? You're a mean, lazy wench. (Mean for depriving us of our Ollie!)

Sandie Knapp said...

Sheesh, still no photos????
Your "tomorrow" sure is a long way off if it hasn't come yet. Mine came and went and came round again all the the same amount of time!
Get with it lady!! :)