Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am probably the last hold out but tonite I cast on for the cookie a. monkey sox & they really are fun & easy...altho I am doing toe up & completely forgot there is no pattern on the bottom of the foot because that is where you it rip it...just to the end of my increases.....the sock is really big tho...I'm doing 64 st on size 1 addi's & wow....I'm used to the 0's but hey, maybe the yarn will shrink a bit...I'm using a pretty colorway of cherry tree hill.
I finished by twisted flower xmas stocking so yeah, I was able to find another ball of the encore...deb at the good yarn found it for me...she is such a sweetie pie. there again, forgetting that nobody needs a pattern on the bottom of the foot but when I realized it I was already down to the toe so this xmas stocking has it all over the's ok since it'll only be hanging...

and yes kim, I still need to figure out this camera...joe must have hidden some intricate piece somewhere & for the life of me I can't find it.....even tho there is hardly anything left in my house!!! oh well, things happen for a reason I guess!!!!

sandie, I am very proud of you for your spinning!!! kim here, is a whiz at spinning so you 2 should hook up!!!! LOL!!!


Sandie Knapp said...

No, if Kim there is closer than I am, she needs to be visiting and showing you how to do it!

I sure hope you find some way to show us that monkey. Your scanner maybe????

Love ya lady........:)

Wabbit said...

Sandie, she HAS been shown how to do it. I taught her right after she moved here, long before we met Kimi and Mel. She's just too obsessed with knitting to stick with it!

And holy shit, Ollie. Two posts in one month! I don't think my heart can stand this excitement!

Pictures: There's a USB cable that plugs into your computer with a littler end that plugs into your camera. Plug that all together, then turn the camera on and usually something will pop up and want to download pictures. If not, go to File Explorer (not Internet Explorer), make a folder into which to put the pics, click on the drive letter that is your camera, then highlight all the pics and drag them from your camera's drive letter to the folder you made for them.

Sheesh! You can knit all kinds of complex stuff (as long as you don't have to block it yourself or it doesn't have to be sewn together) but you can't figure that out.

And keep your poxies, you bad girl or I'll forget the way to the post office!

Love ya, you brat!