Monday, April 10, 2006

why am I so jealous??????

really...... I have been reading all the blogs...and you can't just read 1 because 1 begets another & so on & so on. I saw so many beautiful things & gorgeous colors & oh, it was so nice but at the same time....I felt guilty. guilty for not writing in everyday. guilty for not having any pretty pics (recent ones that is)...guilty for everything. so I have decided to dig out some old pics & post them. I did knit them & who will know if they are 100 yrs old???? ha ha ha!!!!!! so when I get home that's just what I'll do.

in the meantime I started & finished 1 fibertrend clog last night. not felted yet of course, but finished nevertheless.....I'm also in the middle of a lacy scarf/shawl for which I need silence total silence, or my concentration gets thrown outta whack.

well at least I posted. till we meet again.........


Mel said...

Oh, oh, oh... I want to see the giant car cover! Oh, and the jolly green giant sweater!!

kimi said...

the car cover and the giant sweater? did she rip those out? i can't believe they would still be in her house. where would she sit to eat her dinner? hehehehehe

okay, posting is good, but promising pictures and then failing to deliver? bad. bad blogger. get those pics posted! we want pics! we want pics!


cathych said...

nice blog, come by & visit mine, I love to have blog visits, too!

Sandra Knapp said...

Quote "ok, I'm home to make joe take pics of the clogs!!!" Unquote

So, that was Tuesday night, it's Wednesday morning, and still no photos!! What give woman!! Get that ass in gear, ya hear?