Monday, April 24, 2006

Pomatomus Sock!!

what a fun pattern!!!! it's been slow going for me because I started on dpns then switched to 2 circs & then waited for the pic to be took but here it is!!!!! I've been so busy working on donated items for A4A & CIC that I have been very bad about blogging. I also finished a scarf but that's another story for another day.


Sandra Knapp said...

Gorgeous socks!! Now, how about some information about the yarn and needle size, etc.

I just started Broadripple with my Opal yarn. Something easy to do while riding on the bus to NYC to visit Chum tomorrow.

Be good, if you can!

Emma said...

They're looking great. The colors you chose really highlight the drama of the pattern. Nice job!

laura said...

hey good to read you!:L

kimi said...

it's almost as pretty in the picture as it was in person! okay, that's a lie, it's much prettier in person. how long are you thinking of making the legs? just curious. i'd really like to try that pattern, but i'm leaning towards yet another pair of the waving lace socks from evelyn clark on the old IK. can't remember which issue off-hand, but i know you remember those tobacco colored lace socks i made. you coveted them something fierce!~

laura said...

pooped. been out spraying weeds.
taking a break and lunch.

Sandra Knapp said...

OK, don't tell me you are still working on these??? When do I get to see the finished pair??