Thursday, June 01, 2006

pomatamus sox

it was brought to my attention that some people are looking for those be completed too...well you have a long wait. they were hard. & they took forever. as pretty as they are, I won't be completing them anytime soon. now you know. but thanks for asking.

and thanks to all you nice people who commented on the hats!!!! I knit for CIC (children in common) & afghans for afghans, among others, but these 2 take wool items & you all know how much I love knitting w/wool!!!! so I can be whipping out hats & hats & hats, at least until I start some holiday knitting.

1 comment:

Sandra Knapp said...

Oh no! Your Pomatomus sock was coming along so well too! You even wrote "what a fun pattern." I thought for sure you would finish them. Oh well, it's no fun knitting if you are not enjoying the item you are working on. And you do knit lovely hats!