Monday, August 14, 2006

baby cable cap

this is just precious & I got the pattern from & it was easy & adorable. I thought it came out a bit bigger than baby size tho...more like toddler size. but what do I know?? there has been no baby around here for awhile unless you count the cat & she wouldn't even try it on. then again, I've been known to never do a gauge swatch & have knitted things that came out just the tiniest bit HUGE!!!
so thank you, purly girl, for a wonderful pattern....some nice head will be very pleased indeed.


Sandra Knapp said...

The hats are adorable! They should do well keeping some very happy babies heads toasty warm.

KNITWHIT said...

Ollie, send me your email addy and I can send you the pattern for the lacy cap off my blog.


Kerry said...

I love this hat!!! I'm sure it'll be just perfect. Babies seem to be nothing but head for a very long time! :-)