Monday, August 28, 2006

water bottle holder

I am amazed at how nice this came out. it was my own pattern that I started w/an emily ocher crocheted beginning of 8 stitches increasing up to 32, in the round, of course, #5 addi circs (2) w/worsted weight wool. I knit to about 8" including the 1 " of ribbing. then I just picked up 7 stitches on 1 side & i-corded a length of handle & sewed it on the other end. I might have made it a bit too long but hey, that's life. the i-cord is real nice it's 7 stitches where you knit 4 then slip 3 w/yarn in front & turn around & do the same thing for as long as you like.
let's hope only 1 pic goes thru & not 4 like the last time...sorry bout that.

sandi, I hunted all over the place trying to find a spot to delete the was probably right in front of me & I never even saw it!!! LOL!!

kerry, thank you for the nice note on my sox!!!


Kerry said...

Signups are now open for SP9!

Hope to see you there!

Sandra Knapp said...

I'll see if I can fix it for you.


Sandra Knapp said...

Everything seems to be working right now. Happy to help.


:L, Laura said...

love your bottle bag!
how nice!