Sunday, May 06, 2007

my way of knitting

the secret pal swap 10 is having a contest & we're to describe how we knit & why. so here goes. I usually sit, cross legged, on the couch, my coffee at my side. I knit the continental way & still can't knit w/out looking directly at my work...a problem I can't seem to overcome. I have my knitting coming out of my yarn bag because heaven forbid it touches the floor or the cat rubs against would just kill me! when I start to get tired I carry everything into the bedroom & sit cross legged in the same way on the bed until I fall asleep.

have a great week!!


Anonymous said...

wow, knitting in bed until you fall asleep? aren't you afraid of stabbing yourself? or poor joey?

so, i have to say, I'M SO HAPPY YOU FINALLY POSTED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

now that you're not looking for a place any more, any chance this may happen a little more frequently?



Wabbit said...

We ALL miss our Ollie! When are we getting together to knit, divas? I haven't seen all of you in so long that it wounds me.

Ollie, you found a place up north? Do tell! I wish this Sunday wasn't Mother's Day... or maybe you could all say what you want for Mother's Day is to go spend two hours with the Divas knitting at Borders! Maybe???

HUGS, sweetie!

N. Maria said...

I'm so glad you posted! I've missed you.
I'm with you about leaving the yarn in the bag and not touching the floor!
I, too, knit continental. I mostly look at my knitting and I figured it's because I like to, even though it's a blur.