Tuesday, June 26, 2007

almost july!!!!

wow, I've been so busy...haven't had the time to post...or I've had the time but no PC....I can't win!!!!! oh well, it could be worse I guess.
I'm really hoping to have pix of my alpaca shawl taken this weekend...and the sox I'm almost done with....the sweater is way far from being done as are the slippers so no pix for either of those.
tomorrow I'm going out of town again for my job...just overnite but still. it really slows me down!
I hope all is well w/all you guys....it's been waaaay too long!


Wabbit said...

We miss you bunches, Ollie! I miss all my diva girls. I want life to slow down so we can get together and knit and yak.

Anonymous said...

I *finally* got your last package mailed off. Sorry it took so long. Having my own multiple crises around here.

I can't wait for you to get it!!

Your Secret Pal