Saturday, June 30, 2007

thank you secret pal!!!!!

my final pg of the secret pal 10 came & it was from Kele
and is that the coolest name or what??!!!! I think I might rename myself greedy pagan or something like that...I love it!!!!!
anyway, she said me a luscious smelling vanilla candle, a fabulous fiber trends shawl pattern, some gorgeous chocolaty alpaca, some mohair blend that matches the chocolate alpaca to a T, a great fan that not only keeps me cool but also has a secret message that lights up when it's on...incredible!!!...& some delicious chocolates & candies!!!!!!! thank you so much for spoiling me rotten...I really enjoyed everything so much!!!!!!!
(sorry I have no combo is down at the moment!)


Ollie said...

I plum forgot to add the wonderful facecloths that Kele made for me....drat, I am so sorry!!!!!! they are beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a wonderful surprise package. I'm so happy for you. Now make sure we all get to see the chocolate Alpaca shawl once you get it finished. A nice color, it will go well with so much.

Ollie said...

sandie, it really's gorgeous yarn!!! darn it, I wish I could get the pics up!

kimi said...

now, let's try this one more time. for some reason, the last two times i've tried to post it hasn't let me! boo! hiss!

so, still getting goodies? some things never change. you are so spoiled! but i think that's what we love about you.

did you manage to get over to jessica's sale on sunday? if you didn't, you missed a really great sale! and she had tons of stuff!

Ollie said...

I am spoiled...but deservedly so. I did get to that sale also & got 2 skeins of yummy new sock yarn!

Ollie said...

back in the valley. is it hot or what. 116 round about. it's 104 back north so who's complaining. not I said the fly. well, I'm off to work. where DOES the time go??

Wabbit said...

Ollie!!!! You are SO spoiled. Greedy pagan indeed! There is not one tiny thing remotely pagan about you, sweetie! "Whatchagot, gimme!" suits you to a tee, not to mention that it's the phrase you say most often.

They boyz are wondering where Auntie Ollie is and why she never comes to see them.


Ollie said...

but I wanna be a pagan!!!!!! what must I do????

I miss my boys...I miss em awful!