Tuesday, September 18, 2007

finished lotsa things!!

I finally finished (not blocked yet tho) my orangy merino shawl from knit1crochet2 Triangular Shawl pattern...it was so easy & really came out nice...I enjoyed knitting it (even if it DID take me like almost 2 freakin years but that was my own fault!!)

also finished the orangy Heartstrings Concertina sock pattern for the shop...made 2 sox yep 2, & can you tell I just love my orange??? must make me happy or something...who knows...but the yarn was that squishy swooshy Dream in Color stuff..really nice....what else??? can't remember if I finished something else or not...pics would be real handy at a time like this, right? oh well. such is life.

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Wabbit said...

We need pics, Ollie! Yeah, yeah, what else is new? It's good to hear that you are getting some knitting projects done. Now if we could only manage to get together!!! Miss seeing you and the rest of our Diva gals.
Love, Wabbit