Wednesday, September 12, 2007

so many things

it's really been crazy for me lately...& I've been chastised for not blogging...which I certainly deserve....still, it makes me feel bad.....


I finished a pretty peachy pair of sox, top down, from Heartstrings called the Concertina(?) pattern?! they are for a friend so she better come by the shop soon so she can see them at least!
started the red sweater dress from the recent Interweave & the directions started off very mootebootly at least for my mind.....a really weird way of saying to do the moss stitch & after just the 1st row I ended up ripping it out....very frustrating. but someone will come along & say "look, this is what you need to do" & I'll be smacking myself wondering why I couldn't figure it out.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I wouldn't even attempt to knit a dress, regardless how easy a pattern it was. That was brave just to consider it. I hope you get it figured out soon. Take care. Missing you. :)

Wabbit said...

Sandie, she'll only do it if it is in one piece! Our Ollie has an aversion to knitting things in pieces that then have to be sewn together because they would have to fit together! I think she just doesn't want to stop knitting long enough to check the current piece against the one she just finished!

Good thing we love ya anyway, Ollie! Big HUGS. Miss ya. The boys said to tell you, "Hi, Auntie Ollie!" Check out their news.