Wednesday, October 24, 2007

still going strong

well, I'm still alive & kickin.....pretty much anyway!!!!! working on a Heartstrings pattern called the Hanging Vine Stole...just lovely & very easy...a lovely green alpaca/wool/mohair & you can make any size from a scarf to an afghan....I'm doing the shawl size & after it's blocked it should be just gorgeous, if I do say so myself!!!


Wabbit said...
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Wabbit said...

The weather gets a tiny bit cooler and all knitters turn our thoughts to making lace shawls? I have and it seems that you have too, Ollie! I keep thinking that Rowan something Mist stuff but I really want to do handspun.

Having enough of neither of those to make a shawl, I am working on Bulky Fixation socks and winding balls of Ironstone mohair stuff for a probably sweater for moi.

Cody snd Chance say hi to Auntie Ollie.


Kimiknits said...

well, when someone finally gets a camera working, then you'll be able to show us all these lovely things you've been making. i'm not doing a lace shawl, but i am going gangbusters on sweaters. i'm even finishing them! i know, get off the floor. it's true. i finally figured out how to make the mattress stitch work for seams, and now i simply can't be stopped.
and i'm on ravelry now, so go see my stuff! i'm Kimiknits! i have pics of a few finished things, plus a couple pics of some recent stash enhancements. i love ravelry! fun fun fun!

Sandra said...

Boy, I would love to see that pretty green shawl, stole, whatever. Bet it's real pretty too.

Take care and have a great day. :)