Tuesday, May 30, 2006

busy busy busy

I have been so busy the past few weeks & I won't go into it now. but I did manage to finish 2 adorable caps for my charity knitting. both done on #5 circs w/84 stitches & color knitting which I rarely ever do since I forgot how to knit w/my right hand!!! but I tried & was able to do fairly well & they really came out nice!!! the wool is really pretty hand dyed primary colors (think dick tracy!!) which was donated to me & hopefully 2 kids overseas will have something warm to put on their heads when the winter comes. I still have some left so I'll just keep making these caps...quick & easy just like I like!!!!


Sandra Knapp said...

The hats are really gorgeous! I'm so proud of you, color knitting!! Wow, that's impressive!

Now, where is the finished pair of Pomatomus socks??

:L, Laura said...

great hats!!

Liz Griffith said...

Dang girl u can knit, ducking me head....giggle, giggle. No really these are very neat there are going to be 2 very happy and warm little kids out there. U go girl.