Wednesday, September 06, 2006

all better!!!!

look what my sandie did. she fixed my blog & made it all better & took out all those nasty multiples that somebody managed to put in & get all screwy. how did I deserve such a good friend anyway??? she knows how snippy & greedy & nasty & moody & poopie I am & yet she is always there for me. I think she might have me confused with somebody else. somebody oughta tell her. in the meantime, thank you sandie, my dear dear dear friend for all you do for me. you are the very bestest!!!!!

I am nearing the end of a child's poncho; very simple style knit in the round & increased every other row. the yarn is jelly beanz by plymouth & it is a wool/acrylic blend w/bits of colors here & there. I am really enjoying it & I don't care for acrylics at all but this stuff is soft & sweet & it looks like it would split but it doesn't & all I can say is.....I really like it! if I have any left I shall attempt a child's beret perhaps, to match. pics shall be coming soon!


Sandra Knapp said...

Oh my goodness, you embarrass me gushing all over yourself........hahahaha

And yes, you are snippy and greedy and moody, but I luvs ya just the same!


Ollie said...

I'm glad to hear you finally admit it!!!!