Friday, December 01, 2006

one sock done

I put the sock in the scanner to take the pic...because I'm not speaking to joe at the moment. it came out ok, even tho it's a bit cramped in there. the scanner, that is...not the sock. I really have no desire to cast on for a 2nd sock at the moment so instead I cast on for..........Clapotis....yes, that's right. I wasn't thrilled by it. It looked almost exactly like the magic shawl where you knit in stockinette until you feel like puking & then drop the stitches (yes, that IS the best part) only I did mine in Berroco Suede & it kept sticking to my fingers & I kept having to stop, emery board my hands, & pile on lotion. then I made it too darn short because I just couldn't stand knitting it anymore. anyway, this is a bit different. it's diagonal. its got "knit in the back loops" which I like alot. And this time I'm using Mountain Colors in a dark black/purply really soft yarn on size 5 addi's so yes, I'm enjoying it a bit more. I have to admit. I saw Gracie from the yarn shop in 1 that she just made out of SWTC bamboo or soy or something & it was really stunning. I like to copy things I see, didja notice???
and thank you to Colette (the knit witch) for directing me to a wonderful penguin pattern to knit for my son's GF!!!


kimi said...

i'm totally bummed cuz i can't see the picture! hopefully it's just that my pc is acting up. i'll check it again later to see if it shows up. anyway, yes, i think we are all aware that you like to copy stuff, but don't we all? heck, look at me and mel. we're always copying each other. i can't remember the last thing one of us knit that the other didn't copy. hehehehe

so you're not speaking to joe? i think when you guys make up, he should buy you your own cool camera as an "i'm sorry i'm a jerk" present, don't you think? ehehehehehehe

Your SP9 Pal said...

Okay, I can't see the pciture either! I know what you mean about working with Berroca Suede, it sticks to my fingers also. I probably will think twice before knitting with it again.

As far as copying, I am a visual person, so I NEED to see something up close and personal before I give it a try.