Friday, December 22, 2006

fingerless mitts

very busy right now. not much time to blog. I wait all year for Christmas, the most wonderful time in the whole world!!!!!!!! it takes forever to get here & then whizzes by in a flash. & all the ideas I had LAST christmas are now forgotten. write them down, WON'T remember, even if you think there's no way you'll forget!!!!
here are some fingerless mitts I made in 2 evenings w/some Interlacement Toasty Toes I had left over from the sox I made a while back. the pic does no justice at all to the gorgeous colorway. maybe it's the white background?? who knows.

gotta go, lots to do.

just in case I don't get back here until after the holiday, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a safe & happy for whatever holiday you celebrate!!!!


Maggie said...

i'm always wondering what you will knit knit all the stuff i only think about knitting....maybe someday i'll catch up with you! but i doubt it!

Maggie said...

oh and of course, they are WAY KOOL!!!!!!!! allowing one to smoke, while still keeping warm...very cleaver girl you are!!! see ya tomorrow! M