Saturday, February 03, 2007

New Addition

I have been very lax in getting Kitty Kitty's picture posted....but she is a cat on the run so it's very hard to pin her down sometimes! but here she is.
she is about 10 yrs old & she & Tabitha still have not made friends yet but at least they try to keep out of each other's way. Her fur has to be the softest I have ever felt in my life. She is very sweet & loving & loves to butt people w/her head. We just love her to death. She came w/the name Jill but never answered to it so Kitty Kitty it is!


Sandie Knapp said...

Aww, she even looks soft and cuddly! Make sure to stroke her for me a few times. :)

kimi said...

she's a sweetie! too bad she and tabitha haven't warmed up to each other yet. but with older cats, it takes time. heck, our two old kitties never did become friends, but they didn't fight with each other, which was better than nothing.

i'll get you some pics of our new babies as soon as i load them to the laptop. if they let me. you know how kittens are. hehehehe

now, that being said, GO TO THE DOCTOR AND HAVE YOUR BACK CHECKED OUT YOU SILLY WOMAN! don't make me pull this blog over!

Old Knitter said...

Love the name KITTY KITTY!!!! and what is this . . . you still are having back pain and have not seen the doc . . . GET A MOVE ON LADY!!!!! or we will all have to sic Kitty Kitty on you (hehehe)!!!!!

Ollie said...

my back is doing ok, really!!!! I was offered some toradol shots but honestly, at the moment, it isn't necessary....when it gets really bad then I'll take it, gladly, but for now, let it help someone else.

I need to be patient w/my 2 girls...let them work things out among takes time!!