Thursday, February 15, 2007

something amazing!

I just met a Windtalker....yes, an actual Windtalker.....he was even approached by clint eastwood to be in that movie. he wanted no part of it tho. he considered it an honor to do what he did & felt that being in the movie would exploit that in some way. I respect his decision. he was a real sweetheart & was accompanied by his daughter who seemed to take very good care of him.


Kerry said...

What an incredible experience that must have been.

kimi said...

uhhh, jealous! me! totally! how awesome. it's just amazing the variety of heroes who pass through your doors on a daily basis. that the rest of us never see. our loss, for sure.

glad he had his daughter with him. and i assume he was treated and sent back home good as new? well, i hope so anyway.

by the way, hopefully i'll see you tomorrow! just a quick pop in, but at least it's better than nothin!

Ollie said...

it was truly'd be very surprised who comes here on occassion....altho most folks nobody would know cept those here in arizona...we had a newscaster last week who brought her dad in...I wasn't here for that but still.
now if we got a famous knitter in, that would be something to get excited about!!!!!

Wabbit said...

Ollie! It's been a whole week since you posted! How am I supposed to find out anything if nobody ever posts anything??? Sheesh! And Joe has too driven recently. When I saw you over at the Nest when you guys had just been to his doctor's appt., he was driving and that was just a couple of months ago, not "months & months".

Now behave yourself! And post!

Old Knitter said...

Ollie . . . have you received my final secret pal package yet?????