Sunday, March 11, 2007

birthday thank yous!

I have been properly chastised from all my good buds for not posting anything about my birthday....I am very sorry....& yes, it was lovely!!!! wabbit wrote a very detailed & wonderful description on her blog & I just didn't wanna repeat what she already said, is all.
but all in all it has been a great birthday month so far w/lots of exciting happenings. I guess I'm just feeling a bit confused & overwhelmed by it all. after this next week when I see how everything goes, I'll hopefully be back to my old self again.
at the same time I have swaps going on & I'm trying to stay on top of those too....nobody shall get passed over, no sirree bob!!!! I shant forget to send to anyone!!!!!! I did do a really stupid thing in the swap I sent out last week tho. I put some tape over the stamps because they looked like they could use it. how was I supposed to know you can't tape over stamps???? dumb stupid ol post office w/their damn stinkin rules. so it cost me DOUBLE to send it. dumb stupid ol me too, since I guess I shoulda known better. but really, how can I be upset when all things around me are so wonderful!!!!???? I tried but I can't. shuddup wabbit, I'll be gushy if I want to!!!!
well ok that's about all for now.....I'm still trying to organize myself into what I need to pack up for next week & what can wait. later guys.....

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