Wednesday, March 28, 2007

March is almost gone!!!!!

wow, I can't even beleive that April is just around the corner.....& I've been so behind in posting....not that anybody ever reads or responds anymore (my peeps, you know who you are!!!!)
In the process of just finishing up a pr of the Regia silk sox....doing the ribbing as we speak.
but joe's feet have been so swollen lately...he's going in for a vascular doppler test to see if there's a clot or some other gosh awful thing going on. anyway, I started a pair of the Regia Stretch in a lite blue denimy color on size 1's & I'm whipping my way down towards that ol heel (from the toe, of course!)'s been hard because I'm away from home & sitting on a motel bed trying to knit & my spine is hurting alot. ok well, I guess I better head off to the motel...I'm being very sneaky at work, accessing the computer....wish me luck!!!!


Maggie said...

Ur peeps are still checking on you....sorry i've been out of touch this week, it's been a weird week.....let's here a little about how you like it or don't like it in Prescott!

Anonymous said...

Yes I have checked your blog, but I didn't see anything new, therefore no comment.

kimi said...

what am i, chopped liver? me? who checks your blog EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!!!! INCLUDING YESTERDAY! and this post was not there. in fact, i checked at home last night too! so you just take that back! right now little missy! and i know for a fact that sandy comments on every single post of yours. so i think she deserves her props!

that being said, we've confirmed you are working friday, so will you be heading back down the hill tomorrow evening? and how's joe? did he get the dopplar thingy yet?

Wabbit said...

Ollie, when are you coming home to see your Diva Girls? We check your blog ands check your blog and when you FINALLY get around to posting, you are giving us crap for not reading your blog and it just isn't right! So like our pippi said, you take that back! And like our Maggs said, you should tell us how you like it up there in the chilly north! (That was my envy speaking.)