Sunday, March 04, 2007

too much going on

I've been way behind in much happening at the moment & nowhere to begin to tell so I have a feeling I just won't post much until everything settles down. I really don't like putting alot of my personal life on my blog. my close friends are aware of my situation so I shall save the blog for just knitting stuff.
I'll be teaching a toe-up sock technique class again this coming tuesday birthday eve since you asked!!! ha ha ha!!!! yeah, I know you didn't but that's ok too. I have just 1 woman signed up & she is very sweet so we'll have a good time I'm sure. I have 2 pr of sox on the needles at the moment; 1 pr are pretty bed sock w/holes & bumps (pic included) & the other are just plain w/a built-in stripey pattern. very simple but as always it takes me forever to do anything.
today is also 3 weeks of not smoking & wouldn't you know, I'm putting stuff away & stick my hand in the lil thingee we have hanging in the kitchen for keys & crap & find a 3/4 filled pack of my smokes. well I broke off the filters, dumped them in a bowl & preceeded to douse them w/water, crumple them up & flush em. I am very proud of me. I really don't miss the smoking as much as I miss the act. it's a mind thing for me I guess.


Wabbit said...

Goodness, Ollie! I am very proud of you! Three weeks is great! And yes, breaking the habit of physically doing it is harder than breaking the nicotine addiction, I think. I just tried to do things differently to avoid the places where I had smoked the most.

Happy Birthday, Ollie dear!


Sandie Knapp said...

Congratulations Sweetie!! You know I love ya ta death, and I'm so glad you are now being so good to your heart and lungs.

If I EVER get to see you again (and I won't hold my breath) I would love you to teach me toe-up. But that's not gonna happen anytime soon, for sure. So have a great time with your class. Teacher Ollie. I love it! :)

kimi said...

honestly ollie! you haven't even posted about the storm of presents that rained down on you for your birthday?

well, i have infinite patience and i will wait. but i refuse to wait quietly!

speaking of quiet, you haven't emailed me all week! what's up with that? i know you're not in your usual spot, but you could get me from home!