Monday, July 16, 2007

it's raining it's pouring

I love the rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thunder & lightning in the distance romantic!!!!!

almost finished w/joe's bamboo/wool sox....I knitted the foot until it was exactly 10-1/2" long & then I did the short row heel...I never saw such a long sock in my life!!! but it's almost done now; just working on the ribbing for the cuff.

I have been at a friend's house since last week, babysitting her pets & 2 daughter's while she is away. they are coming home tomorrow & then I will be home knitting away & hopefully posting more regularly...I have the laptop, now all I need is internet service....a minor challenge!


Kimi said...

i was just considering sending you an email to berate you into updating your blog! and lo, what do i find when i arrive? an update! oh glorious update!

we got rain too, and it was awesome! thought a few trees were gonna go down. no such luck. maybe tonight!

okay woman, get that connection, and a nice digital camera while you're at it. we need picture-heavy blog posts and we need em now!!!!!!

you know your mission, now go!

Ollie said...

yes soon as I can!!!

Sandie Knapp said...

So, you managed to survive the baby sitting, eh? Good for you. Hope the kids and the critters didn't maul you too much. hahahaha

Congrats on the laptop. I agree with Kimi. Get hooked up and then get that camera. You can't wait for Joe all the time. Time to strike out on your own. haha

Have a great weekend. :)

N. Maria said...

I love the rain, too!
I want pictures, too!