Friday, September 15, 2006

bamboo lace dishcloth

it wasn't until I had this on my blocking board that I finally remembered what the yarn was...bamboo!!!! anyway, it was fun to knit & the blocking wires are homemade & I'm quite proud of that because I really do not have the money to buy a set for 25 plus dollars. the blocking board is nothing more than a piece of styrofoam that has a checkered cloth over it. the cloth makes it easy to even things out & they are all equal sizes so you can really shape your finished item. I could have said "garment" but I never liked that word. ever. do you have a word that you've never liked...that just rubbed you the wrong way???

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Sandra Knapp said...

That's a beautiful pattern, and a really lovely cloth. Have you ever thought of converting that pattern into a pair of socks? Just a thought.

And yes, there are a few words that rub me the wrong way, but most of them are not fit to mention in a public blog or anywhere else, IMHO. haha