Friday, September 15, 2006

mason dixon dishcloth

I must tell you that I started this cloth about 3 times & just couldn't quite "get it". I ripped it out & decided that allllllll these people that had made it must know something that I don' I gave up.
I love the look of it so I decided to cast on again & just take it slow & put my lil post-it under every row & tra la was as smooth as could be. so what was I doing wrong in the 1st place?? I have no idea. I do know that that same dilemma happens to me more often than not & that I just need to get over myself. my friends who know me well know to just accept my whining; they tell me to shut up & try again, and so that is what I usually end up doing. bless my dear friends hearts.
and not for nothin, but I heard nothing about contaminated spinach until I got home tonite, sprinkled my italian dressing over my spinach, bacon, grilled chicken, olive & hard boiled egg salad & was about to plow into it when joe informed me or should I say, jumped up in front of me flailing his arms all about screaming NO NO NO, you can't eat that!!!!! so I picked out all the chicken, bacon, olives & eggs & proceeded to eat them. that didn't please him much either as apparantly I had contaminated them by just being in the same room w/the aforementioned. that didn't stop me. I was hungry. well, I'm still alive & am just about to wolf down a nice cold raspberry yogurt. If I die before the morning, say good-bye to this blog because I know joe ain't gonna keep it up. ha ha!!! I made a funny!!
ok, here's my dishcloth, made from some unknown cotton....butterfly I assume (the lilac) & sugar & cream (the navy). next time I think I'll use a very fine cotton for the dips in between..might make a nice change!


Maggie said...

I knew you could do it! and isn't it lovely!!!! and just so ya know! i'll be WAY pissed if you kick the bucket over a friggin piece of spinage....
SO! whatta ya gona knit next????

Sandra Knapp said...

Very pretty cloth. I really like that "brick wall" effect. Well, that's what it reminds me of anyway. You are learning that if at first you don't suceed, then try and try again. That's how we grow and learn and improve. About time you learned it! haha

You did great kiddo, and I'm verra proud of ya.


Sandra Knapp said...
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