Monday, September 25, 2006

lace lace & more lace

I'm going crazy in lace. I'm a fairly new lace knitter. I've started maybe 20,000 lace items in my lifetime & finished 2. it's my own fault. but w/much help from dear friends maggs & liz, I am finally moving along on the Ethereal Fichu by jackie erickson-schweitzer (heartstrings patterns)....I fell in love w/this the moment I saw it but did not realize that markers could float. I assumed they were glued in their spots for all eternity. so I repeated & ripped the same row out about 10 times, swearing up & down that the pattern must be wrong. well kids, markers move. known as floating I beleive, but don't quote me because who the hell knows. not me.
the color here is awful...mine is a deep rose color knit in Optim by SWTC (discontinued I think which is a shame because it is very soft airy merino that has been stretched)...anyway, I'm still working on it but just had to take a pic so you can see the pretty lil patterns & my pretty lil markers on my pretty lil styrofoam blocking board held on by my pretty lil t-pins.


Sandra Knapp said...

OMG!! It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you g/f. You're doing work there. And when it's finished, you will be so glad you actually stayed with it this time.

S. :)

Liz Griffith said...

Gotta love those floaters. Lookn' beau te full here.