Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pinstripe part well on the way

I was corrected at knit night. apparantly I am knitting a green & purple sock. not a green & pink sock. it's a very pale purple but purple it is. the pinstripe part is very easy. knit 1 stitch pink knit 1 stitch green & so on & so on......... I keep the green on top & the pink underneath & carry both in my left hand. can't knit w/my right hand anymore to save my least not until I practice & practice but why bother.

and just let me say that it is cold in these here parts. in the 50's. that's cold. who says it never gets cold in arizona. I'd like to take them outside & slap them around a bit. that's all for now.


Colette said...

Pretty sock! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love hearing from new people.

I see you are looking for penguin patterns - here are a few you might like:

Kimi said...

i'm glad you finally came to your senses and can admit that the yarn is indeed purple. while it may not be a dark purple, it is purple nonetheless. and it looks awesome with that green! i wouldn't have thought so, but it really does look good. and i love the striping on the foot. does it go all the way to the toe? and since you did the heel in the green, with the toe be done to match? like the cuff? however you do it, i just love it. and i can't believe how stretchy the sock is. i assumed it would be stiff because of the carries but it's not at all.

as fast as you're going, we should see a finished pair the next time we get together, no?