Sunday, January 21, 2007

Border's & Clapotis

just got back from a wonderful afternoon knitting w/my peeps at border's. there was alot of laughing along w/the usual Ollie Abuse, but's a small price for getting 2 free coffees...& they were quite yummy I must say!!! caramel mochas or something like that...just awesome!!!!!
I finished the Clapotis from & it just needs to be blocked...also done in Bearfoot but in the lighter weight one....I know I have the labels somewhere but I can't find them & have too much knitting to do to stop & look!!!


Sandra Knapp said...
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Sandra Knapp said...

My goodness, but your fingers must be nearly knit down to the bone, you have been just SO busy getting all these wonderful projects done!

The Clapotis is gorgeous, of course. And the color is so rich! Very good choice, that yarn. Can't wait to see it after it's been blocked. I already know it is magnificent. :o)

Sorry about that removed comment, but I didn't know how to edit it, and I noticed a spelling error. Now I know better, so I won't be making that mistake again. Hopefully! LOL

kimi said...

well good morning miss ollie! i am so proud of you! taking those pics and loading them to the pc yourself. you're getting to be such a pro at this blogging thing! and the key to good blogging is pictures pictures pictures!

love the clapotis, which was so gorgeous in person. it must be seen to be believed. and speaking of seeing, you need to snap a pic of your new kitty and put it on your blog so i can see what she looks like!

sunday was great fun, i can't wait to do it again!

SP9 Pal said...

WOW!!! What a gorgeous - gorgeous shawl. You really are becoming not only a master at knitting shawls but of taking digital pics! P. S. Package number 1 went out in the mail today! ENJOY!!!

Ollie said...

oh thank you secret pal...I shall keep an eye out for it...I'm very excited!!!! ollie

thank you sandie, since you are my idol I am trying very hard to be like you & just knit my lil heart out!!!!!!!

kim, 1 of these days I'm actually gonna cast on for Birch again...beleive it or not & then I'll REALLY make you proud of me!

littlelixie said...

Have been pondering Birch too! Just waiting for the right yarn to come along. Love the clapotis.

Kerry said...

I absolutely love the Clapotis!!! The color is just gorgeous as is your knitting. :-)