Friday, January 12, 2007

clown sox yarn info

this yarn is a cotton/wool blend...not a favorite choice for me...I prefer wool only as the yarn has the tendency to be a bit heavy & scratchy....but it should soften a bit after it's washed. I doubt I would ever buy it again tho. it's called CLOWN & it's by Marks & Kattens. the shade # is 1854. I hope that helps!


kimi said...

here i am. posting to your last entry. and i'm the only one! just little ol me! okay lady, get to blogging! this "big giant eleventy two days" between blog entries is just not going to work for me.


Ollie said...

oh blah blah blah....some of us are very busy being ornery & can't stop to please the masses!!!

I really gotta learn how to use that damn camera.

kimi said...

yes, yes you do. you must either learn to use the camera, or hire a professional to follow you around taking pictures and then loading them into the pc for you. given those choices, i believe you will learn to use the camera. for the love of all things wooly woman, even i can do that! and i don't have a blog!

by the way, i have move pics of the flowers to send you. yesterday there were three huge blooms and one smaller bloom. this thing is crazy gorgeous! you're the best for giving it to me!

Your SP9 Pal said...

Thanks for the info . . . when I get well I will go looking for it . . . I think you cold came over the wires to me (or are we wireless?) . . .YES learn to use the digital camera . . . it's easy!!!!!!

Ollie said...

SP9 pal...I'm sorry if I gave you my cold!!! I was very lucky. it only lasted 1 day, give or take, for me...all the caffeine I ingest must have killed it!! I hope you feel better very soon...I hate colds...they are the worst!

kim...I'm so glad you like your new pet...may he last for many many years!!

as soon as joe gets home & is feeling good I'll make him give me a really good lesson on using the camera...I promise!

Hanane said...

I love those colors...I am just learning to knit socks....I love it.

However I have also learned that I prefer dpns to 2 circs.

Ollie said...

Hanane, I just can't seem to master dpn's...I think I'm too clutzy!!!! ha ha ha!!!!