Wednesday, January 24, 2007


what's the deal w/all these fun swaps??? I mean, is there a site somewhere that tells you what swaps are going on or is it just a matter of chance where if you're lucky enough to be at the right blog at the right time you'll see 1 & join up??? I need to know because missing that coffee swap was bad enough but if I miss anything else I'll be niffed, miffed & help me out here...send me your info...keep me informed...I got goodies to get & goodies to give....I wanna swap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

almost finished w/the cottony sox, thank heaven, cause my hands are getting raw knitting w/that stuff. a nice long bath in some conditioner should soften them up a bit, I hope. I use an emery board for acrylic nails to file down my skin. maybe it's time to buy a new one, I've worn this one down so much! LOL!!!


Laritza said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am in Syracuse Utah, quite a ways from NY!

Ollie said...

laritza, I'm so embarrassed!!! how do I get NY & Utah confused!!! LOL!!
anyways, I think you & I exchanged bookmarks in a swap awhile back...can't be too many other Laritzas but I could be wrong again!!! ha ha ha!!!!

kimi said...

well, sorry to disappoint you, but i have no swap info. i do however have some items that might accidentally fall into an ollie bag for you. hehehehe

now, get busy finding those swaps! and if it means you must surf a hundred blogs a day, then do it woman! get busy with your bad self!


Anonymous said...

Well, reading your knitlist digests would be a huge help. But since you can't be bothered doing that, I guess maybe that might be how you miss at least some of the swaps.........but I guess you prefer reading blogs instead and hoping to find one that way. Good luck. :)

Ollie said...

the knitlist has the swap info??? well why didn't you say so!!!!

an ollie bag...what a's akin to begging but is there anything I do better?? I think not!

Kerry said...

I just signed up for the favorite color swap. I have a buttin that links to the details on the side of my blog. I believe signups are open until January 31st.