Sunday, January 21, 2007

hey, something new...finally!!!

well I just hope you're all very proud of me. I actually got a camera lesson, took these pics myself & even downloaded em on my pc....clap clap clap...thank you very much.

we have 2 pics of the Mountain Stream Scarf blocking nicely (thank you ms maggie) was done in Bearfoot & has a built in as you go border. it was a very lovely pattern.

then just a quick pic of the progress on the clown you can see, I am probably 1 of the slowest knitters in the west, but the yarn is a bit scratchy because of the cotton & I don't think I would use it again. but hey, everybody needs 1 pr of cottony sox in their lifetime right??


Sandra Knapp said...


Oh my, but I am so proud of you. But come on now. Anyone that can knit such lovely garments can't possibly be too stupid to operate a simple camera!

The Mountain Stream scarf is just magnificant! You did yourself proud, my friend.

And the socks are so pretty. And maybe they won't feel so "scratch" once they are washed and on the foot. I made my best friend a pair of socks in a cotton blend, and she loves them. She has never complained of them being scratchy at all. Give them a chance, and they just might surprise you.

And please don't make me wait so long the next time. Now that you have mastered the camera, there is no need to wait on someone else. hee hee. Good for you girl!

Ollie said...

sandie, I feel like a real pro now, it's true!!!! & aside from the batteries going dead alot, I should have no more problems w/the camera. I feel so empowered!!!!!! & now that blogger is working well for me, I can leave comments too, didja happen to notice??!!!! ha ha ha!!!!

Maggie said...

ya did real good......M

Maggie said...

ya did real good with the pictures and the shaW! M

Your SP9 Pal said...

CONGRATS!!!! on the beautiful shaw and taking pics with with digital!

AlisonH said...

Look at that! That's gorgeous!

Ollie said...

thank you all!!! as boring as it was for the most part, those drop stitches really were kind of fun!!

Wabbit said...

Ollie, I am SOOOO proud of you! Great shawLLL (with an L, Maggs!), and even nice photos of it taken with your own delicate fingers! Chance says he is very proud of his Aunt Ollie, too!

I knew you could do it, Ollie. I'm just sorry I missed seeing my diva girls yesterday though we had a really excellent run with the DMC in our MINI Coopers. The marina at Canyon Lake in Tortilla Flat, AZ has really decent food.

But back to how awesome you did... yeah, I know how you hate this embarrassment! I really love the colors of these socks, and you know I don't like the self-striping yarns, so that's saying a lot. You just gave me something (the lovely fingerless mitts from a previous post) or I'd be hinting like a maniac for these! They prolly wouldn't fit my fat ole wabbit feet anyhow. But they'd look excellent on you in your new clear clogs!