Wednesday, January 11, 2006

scarf screw up


I attempted to send my scarf to my partner & unbeknownst (doncha just love that word???!!!!) to me, the usps charged the wrong pg, claimed I never paid (this is all done online mind you) & threatened to haul me off to jail for cheating the united states government. ok, I exaggerate, but was pretty scary!!!! so I paid for my other pg AGAIN & it printed me a lovely lil label to stick on my box & it will be on it's way tomorrow. it is still the scroll pattern scarf & it's still pretty lovely, if I do say so myself, & I do.

my adorable friend maggie & I will get together tomorrow & she will help me block my Faina's Scarf & then I should have a pretty picture to post. it was done in a baby alpaca & I am really impressed w/it. I have a tendency to start many things, make a mistake & then rip out the whole bloody project. but this was done w/out a hitch. anyway, maggie does a great job of blocking & is always ready to help & has blocked many of our friends finished projects. she has the blocking wires & does a fantastic job. get a good night's sleep maggs cause I'll be there early.

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