Saturday, January 07, 2006

hows about another pic?????

don't even ask why I am doing a separate blog for each pic....I guess I think I'll be taking up less room or bytes or something???!!! it doesn't matter so let's just concentrate on the pics & not try to figure me out. others have tried & they are now locked up in a loony bin somewhere.
here is a scarf that I made for the scarf swap & just sent out today...only because I wanted a pic of it, so swap partner please forgive me for being late. it came out really nice, if I do say so myself, & was made with a very nice purple merino wool. I must have started about 10 different scarves before I finally decided that this would be the one. I even blocked it, which took a day or 2 to dry, beleive it or not. how cool am I, eh?? ok, enuff about me, here's the pic of what I call the Scroll Scarf, as I made it up myself using the scroll pattern from 1 of the barbara walker books.


Sandra Knapp said...

Wow, your scarf swap person is one lucky gal! That scarf is gorgeous, and the design stands out really well in that color and yarn.

WTG Ollie!!

Ollie said...

thank you sweetie!!!!