Monday, January 16, 2006

new pics

Look what I added!!! 1st, I just wanna say that the Faina's scarf is DONE!!!!! it's all blocked & it really came out so nice, if I do say so myself!!!!

and I just had to show what my bud in PA, Sandie, made for me....I've been meaning to take a pic & post for the longest time so I hope she'll forgive my tardiness, but here it is, a gorgeous crocheted butterfly!!!!!! I have it hanging on my wall but I couldn't get the pic to come out right because of a huge shadow from the hutch so I laid it on the bed to snap the photo. isn't it beautiful???!!!!! Sandie, thank you again, it's gorgeous!!!! I really love crocheted things like this, doilies & such...and I can't do it myself so.....anyway, thanks again, you're awesome!!!!

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Sandra Knapp said...

Wow, you flatter me so. I'm so happy you are that pleased with your little butterfly. It was my pleasure to make it for you.

Congratulations, you are doing very nice with your blog.