Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I forgot to add.......

just wanted to add something else here about Kim. While we were at our knitting outing, she bought a copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitting Without Tears" for Dale, our 1 & only beginner, male knitter. she does this alot because she says that no knitter should ever be without a copy of that book. and she's right too.
I also just wanted to say that I have some really wonderful friends. and every time they do something wonderful (which is quite often!) I'm going to post it right here (unless my senile mind decides something else!!!! LOL!!!) but I will TRY, I really will!!!!!
I spent the day w/Maggs, 1 of the 1st people I met after I moved here. she treats me like dirt which is how I know that she really loves me. don't even try to deny it, maggie.
we sat on her floor & she very carefully & gently molded my Faina's Scarf, made from baby alpaca, so warm, soft & beautiful, into the shape it was meant to be. it shall sit in the middle of her floor, gently being sprayed w/water everytime it looks thirsty & then she will present it to me in all it's glory.


Maggie said...

AHHHHH!!!!!Sugar and Spice will get you nowhere! You mudereous old hussey!!! Love You???? Ur delusional I can hardly wait to see what you write next! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! and BTW, who's sandra knapp......i thought i was ur only bud who last name started with a "K".......besides being a murdering old hag, ur unfaithful!!!

Sandra Knapp said...

Yes Maggs, but I "met" her first!!!
That means she is not being unfaithful to you, but to me, and you don't hear me complaining!

So Ollie, the scarf is lovely, and I have no doubt it is very soft. I wear the one Kerry made me everywhere. Thank you Maggie, for helping MY Ollie out with blocking her lovely scarf.

Ollie said...

aw, look at my 2 girlie girls playing nice w/each other!!!!! there's a tear in my eye!!!!