Monday, February 06, 2006

2nd try....cross your fingers!

ok, hopefully I can get both pair of sox to show up here....the blue striped are regia w/solid blue regia in the cuff/heel & toe. did I mention I hate that darn grafted toe?????? at the guild meeting tonite, someone mentioned doing a german toe....where you end up w/just a few stitches & then run the yarn thru & ta-da.....maybe I should give THAT a try??????


:L, Laura said...

i hate the grafted toe too, and NEVER too it.
it's not historical anyway, invented by a man! lord kitchener during world war 1 to encourage kntiters to make socks for soldiers.
anyway the SWEDISH caston
which is authentically in museums as old as 1500 ad [not german] means
[1] decrease down to about 8 st.
[2] cut and leave about an 8 in end.
[3] use crochet hook and pull the yarn through the next st on the needle - the one you were about to knit. drop that stitch off.
[4] repeat this, 1 at a time through each st.
now snug tightly and bring end to inside.
works great; doesn't come apart, unlike grafting, and fits my feet better, plus i'm swedish/norwegian so i have to honor my heritage!
oh works perfectly for hats and other things too.
and part of trick is crochet hook - it can grab any end no matter how short.
hugs, & blessings, :L

Sandra Knapp said...

Hey Girlfriend,

I don't see anything wrong with those socks. They look just great! I love the solic cuff, heel and toe. Maggie will love her socks, I'm sure!