Wednesday, February 15, 2006


my buddy Kim has been in such pain with her back for like over a month & has gotten no relief cept for a shot here & there & her disc is like collapsed & she can't even go to work so I'm lonely cause nobody emails me every 2 seconds like she does & if things don't get better she'll have to go in for surgery & who needs that after all poor lil kim......I'm sending you my bestest thoughts & good know where I am if you need me!!!!!!!!! a good poxie on you!!!!!!!


Mel said...

there you are!!! i've been looking for you everywhere! love the blog and hopefully, i can make it next tuesday night at the nest... i still have your xmas present here too.

ollie said...

hiya mel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so glad you found me!!!! hope I see ya tueday!

Kimi said...

howdy! guess who? hehehe. it's me! the poor brokeback knitter! hehehehe. that's so funny! or is it the pain meds? don't know, don't care!

so, my man loves me sooooooo much that he bought me a laptop so i could email and websurf from my laid up position here on the couch! is he the best podman in the world or what? the best.

so, email me at my new laptop! i can't promise it will be every 2 seconds, but i'll do the best i can!

Kimi (i wish i could quit you) pippi