Sunday, February 05, 2006

sox all done

that's right, the sox for maggie are all done....but can I just say how much I hate to graft??? I really don't hate to graft, I enjoy the process & all, but on sock toes it just never comes out the way I would like. my toe always seems to dip inwards on itself...I try making it looser, I try that bind off thingee on all 4 edge stitches 1st, but it still looks awful. one of the reasons I prefer toe up. why I did cuff down??? no idea. I'm a terrible sock knitter. yes, I'm sure that's it. I keep trying but maybe I just wasn't meant to do it. gad, what a whiner!!!!!! somebody slap me in the face. thank you. I feel better now!!!!! LOL!!!!!
I'll take a pic shortly...gotta find the camera.


Sandra Knapp said...

Remember dear Ollie,

Practice makes perfect. You just need to keep trying, and eventually you will get it just perfect! Can't wait to see the photo. I know you are a wonderful knitter, so I don't believe you are not good at socks.

Ollie said...

I wish it were that simple but it just doesn't work...thanks for the support tho!!!!!!